Meira Shemesh, Untitled, 1988 | מאירה שמש, ללא כותרת, 1988

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April 2022

Kalisher Mon Ami

Graduates of the Kalisher School in the Haaretz Collection

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Minus 1 is an art space of Haaretz collection. The collection, now more than 25 years old, is devoted exclusively to contemporary Israeli art. Consisting largely of paintings, the collection also contains photography, sculpture, installations and video art.

It represents Israeli art in all its streams and varieties, created by dozens of artists in the past five decades, beginning in the 1970s. All the major themes dealt with by Israeli art in this period are reflected in the collection: social identity, nationhood, class and gender; center-periphery and local-universal interrelations; reflexive issues regarding the status of artworks, the power of the image and the role of art; formalistic questions concerning style, form, medium and art-reality relations; and more. At the same time, the collection can be characterized in terms of two central axes of “here and now”: First, the exclusive focus on Israeli art stems from a deep involvement in the events that unfold in this place, and thus the collection displays a particular interest in critical art of a political-social character; and second, the decision to collect contemporary art springs from curiosity about the emergence of present-day trends, leading to an interest in original works that manifest those trends.

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Minus 1 - The art space of Haaretz Collection

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